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Curtin University
Curtin Information Management and Archives

University Archive

The Curtin University Archive is a repository of documents, audio-visual material and objects of enduring value to the University and to the State of Western Australia. We keep records created by Curtin University and its predecessor: the Western Australian Institute of Technology (W.A.I.T.). We also have records from the Western Australian technical schools and colleges that form part of our “family tree”.

What is the University Archive?

The Archive holds records that:

  • capture our significant decision making, planning and actions
  • capture our achievements and contributions in science, health engineering, art and technology, indigenous studies and research across a myriad of areas
  • capture our history, heritage and culture
  • require retention under the State Records Act 2000 (WA)
  • We also hold papers of key academics, researchers and senior administrative staff.

    Why do we keep these records?

    These records help research and aid ongoing decision-making. They are also evidence of our actions, our decisions, our achievements, our policy and strategy. These records help capture the memory, character and history of Curtin University. The Archive organises and preserves these records for future use, study and enjoyment.

    Stories from the Archive

    Contributing to the Archive

    Transfers and donations to the Archive are welcome. However, before material is accepted an appraisal takes place to ensure that material is:

  • relevant and meets our collection development statement
  • free from mould, dirt, insects, or other conditions which could detrimentally affect our collections
  • has clear copyright and ownership arrangements
  • Accessing the Archive

    For further information or access to the Archive, please contact the University Archivist: or email