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  • Privacy Statement

    This privacy statement describes how Curtin University (the University) handles personal information in its possession or control. The University's privacy statement remains under constant review, and it is therefore your responsibility to monitor this statement for changes which may be implemented from time to time.

    The Privacy Statement can be reviewed here

    Privacy and Personal Information


    At Curtin, the privacy of students, staff and other people who the University deals with is taken very seriously. Much of the information which the University collects in connection with its normal functions and activities is “personal information”, and this information should be handled in accordance with relevant privacy standards and community expectations

    What is Personal Information?

    Personal Information is any information or opinion which identifies an individual or can reasonably identify an individual regardless of the format it takes. The types of Personal Information which the University handles includes, but is not limited to: names, residential addresses, student or staff ID numbers, student or staff photographs or recorded moving images, voice recordings, tax file numbers, email addresses, contact details, date of birth, bank details, government identifiers and signatures. Personal Information also includes a category considered sensitive. Health information, racial origin, ethnicity, biometrics and criminal records are in this category of Sensitive Information and this information requires extra diligence when it is collected, stored, used or disclosed.

    Further information about the following topics can be made available:

  • Privacy updates
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Contact: The Privacy Compliance Officer on 08 9266 1036 or

    Data Breaches

    What is a data breach?

    A data breach is any unauthorised access, modification, loss or disclosure of personal information that Curtin holds. A privacy data breach may take the form of: 1. Lost or stolen information. 2. Someone accessing your IT device without your permission (this may also include hacking attempts), and accessing or modifying Curtin personal information.

    Further information about the following topics can be made available:

  • Preventing a data breach
  • Reporting
  • Contact: The Privacy Compliance Officer on 08 9266 1036 or

    Advice and Resources

    Contact: The Privacy Compliance Officer on 08 9266 1063 or