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Curtin University
Curtin Information Management and Archives

Inactive Records Services

We provide services and systems for the management of inactive records once they have passed their useful active life. This may be for advice on the transfer of records to Curtin Information Management and Archives for storage or destruction, or the protection and preservation of Curtin's archival records.

These services include:

Location and retrieval of information:

Assistance with inactive file retrieval

We are able to retrieve records that have been transferred to our custody for storage.

Please contact us with the following information to request inactive files.

You will then be notified once the requested records are available. These can be collected from our office on level one of building 100.

For further information see our advice on retrieving folders from Records & Information Management.

Records destruction approval process

Records can only be destroyed in accordance with an approved disposal authority. Disposal authorities outline how long different types of records need to be kept. This means that authorisation will need to be obtained before University Records are destroyed.

Once your records have been assessed against the disposal authorities and have been identified as ready for destruction, then the records need to be boxed up in approved boxes and information about the records entered into the Curtin Records and Information System (CRIS). At this stage the user will be prompted to complete the Destruction Authorisaiton fields. You will then receive an email confirming that the box has been submitted for destruction.

Once checked and approved by Information Management staff, the nominated destruction authoriser will receive an email requesting confirmation that they approve for the records to be destroyed. The records in turn will be checked by the Freedom of Information Officer and the University Archivist to make sure there are no outstanding issues. Once this approval process is complete and the records have been authorised for destruction, staff will contact you to arrange for collection of the boxes. The boxes will be removed from your area and securely destroyed.

Training is available on the records destruction process.

See Destruction of Information for further information.

Forms and templates to assist with the management of inactive records

We have developed some useful forms and templates to help you manage your inactive records:

Services to protect, preserve and secure your information

We are responsible for protecting and securing the corporate memory of the University which means preserving records which are identified as having ongoing value to both the University and the wider community.

Records need to be cared for from the moment they are created, not just when they become inactive. For information on preserving University records please read our advice on storing and protecting records.

A small percentage of Curtin's records will be archival, meaning they are to be kept forever. To find out more about our University Archives please see: What are Archives?

Preservation of University publications

We also provide a legal deposit service where we retain two copies of all publications published by Curtin to ensure their ongoing preservation.

For further information about how to submit your publications for legal deposit please contact us.