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Curtin University
Curtin Information Management and Archives

Active Records Services

These tools and services will help you create, keep and maintain your active records.

These services include:

Curtin's Vital information resources program

We have begun a vital information resources program which aims to make sure that we are able to protect the University’s most important information, assist with the recovery of University information in the event of a disaster and ensure the University is able to meet its legal obligations.

The first step in developing the vital information resources program is to identify the 5-10% of Curtin’s information that is classed as vital. We have begun gathering information from each area of the University on the information held within that area.This data will then be collated and ranked according to criticality.

Benefits of the program

We can use this information to make sure there are protective measures in place for the University’s most vital information resources, such as duplication or off-site storage.

A comprehensive register of all the vital information resources holdings of the University will be developed allowing us to quickly locate this important information.

If you would like further information or would like to be involved in the vital information resources program please contact us.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters, natural or otherwise pose a major threat to the preservation of information. However, many other minor incidents can also result in the loss of information and have a large impact on the ability of a business or area to continue to function.

We have developed disaster recovery procedures which will help minimise the risk of disasters occurring as well as minimising the loss of information should a disaster occur.

If you have a disaster in your area that threatens your information in any way please contact us on 7050 immediately. The sooner we are involved the faster we can prevent further damage to your records. Our staff are trained in disaster recovery procedures and, like first aid, the faster we can respond the better the chance of recovery.

All areas should have a Business Continuity plan which should also cover vital information resources which are held in physical format. We can help you with the completion of the vital information resources component of this plan. If you would like further information please contact us.

Assistance with File Retrieval

Curtin Information Management and Archives holds a number of active files for some areas of the University, such as committee files and legal files, which can be retrieved on request.

Please contact us with the following information to request files:

You can collect requested files from our office on level one of building 100.

For further information see our advice on retrieving folders from Information Management.

Assistance with organising information

Information is much easier to capture and find when it is well organised and consistently described. Curtin uses a subject-based classification scheme for describing its information and organising common content, such as University Policies, across Curtin. Find out more about the Curtin Common Vocabulary.

We have developed a file register template which can be used to help you keep track of the files in your area and list your files.

Managing electronic records

Determining better ways to find, use, share and keep our electronic information in order to enable staff to be more productive, efficient, and effective is a constant challenge for the University. Curtin staff use a variety of means to manage electronic records. We promote good electronic management of information and provide advice and assistance on the various options currently available. For example, we provide advice on the management of your email and deliver workshops on email management. Advice is also available on using shared drives to manage electronic information.

Assistance with specific types of records

Some types of records have specific management requirements. These are generally used by more than one area of the University, so it’s important that they are managed consistently. Currently we have specific advice for managing Student Records, Staff Records and Committee Records. If there are any other specific types of records that you would like advice with please contact us.

Provision of Recordkeeping Supplies

Do you need storage boxes, file covers, tube clips or labels?

We facilitate the supply of Curtin's official recordkeeping stationery for managing your official paper records. Ordering your recordkeeping supplies through us is more cost effective and means that Curtin's official records are easily identifiable. Orders for Curtin file covers, storage boxes, tube clips and labels can be placed via Records & Information Management's online form.

Understanding File covers

Curtin's Information Security Classification Policy establishes a framework for assessing the sensitivity and importance of its corporate information. Curtin's file covers have been designed to reflect these classifications and make Curtin's official documents more easily identifiable. More information on file covers is available on Using paper files.

Order file covers and colour coded labels directly from Castledex.